My Sketching Kit

My Sketching Kit

My sketching kit is constantly evolving but I’ve hit upon a system recently that works better than anything I’ve tried yet so I wanted to tell you about it. Actually its an adjustment of a system I learned at a Richard Scott Sketching on Location workshop several years ago. For too long, I have had […]

Bald Eagle Sighting

You never know what you are gong to see around the neighborhood! On my walk the other day, I looked up and was mesmerized by the graceful birds circling overhead. Two of them swooped down and landed in a tree about 40 feet away from me. Much to my amazement–they were Bald Eagles! One was […]

Fox Sparrow and Grasses

On a recent walk, I noticed how the winter grasses all leaned in the same direction, creating a pleasingly graceful visual harmony despite their broken down condition. I have been enjoying using Derwent Graphitint pencils on my pen and ink drawings lately. The graphitints are water soluable much like watercolor pencils but the colors are […]

Robin and Snowdrops

I think Robins are fine birds, with their sensible, matronly chirp, and determined tug of wars with those tenacious worms. Plus you really have to be special to lay sky blue eggs! I sketched this scene of a robin a couple of weeks ago and painted the robin but didn’t have time to finish the […]