Columbia River Gorge Wildflowers, Assignment 10

I spent three weekends doing a field study of the Catherine Creek area of the Columbia River Gorge, and these are the four wildflowers and one grass that I chose to represent this beautiful area.  Of course, this is just a very small sampling of the many wildflowers that can be found there.  The graphite […]

Field Study: Manroot and Coronaria, SBA Sketchbook

I was looking for a comfortable spot to sketch, so was happy to see this vine with its interesting gourd nestled under a tree where I could sit protected from the mid-day sun and strong winds. This is part of a field study I am doing of the habitat of Catherine Creek in the Columbia […]

Field Study: Balsam Root and Saskatoon, SBA Sketchbook

I was taken with these thick leaves with their graceful undulating edges–I loved how massive they looked in comparison with the fine grasses surrounding the plant. I settled down on the ground in the meadow at Catherine Creek in the Columbia Gorge to do the drawing, but added the color later in my studio. Amelanchier […]