Pink Muscat Grapes, SBA Sketchbook

These grapes from the market begged to be painted. Their delicate blush and golden plumpness hinted at juicy sweetness inside and they did not disappoint! I am practicing my technique and wanted some additional fruit to put in my sketchbook for the course I am taking with the SBA.  As I worked on this piece […]

Lemon Curd

We made lemon curd to give to friends this Christmas, which afforded me a great opportunity to try my hand at painting a lemon for the label. I didn’t have much time to spend on it, but it felt good to be back at painting. Here is the finished label. I put suggestions on the […]

EDiM 4 & 12 Mug and Dinner

Two more challenges down, and four more to go.

Concordia Coffee Shop

Portland has an endless supply of funky, hip, and/or quaint coffee shops. I think this one definitely fits in the funky (in the good sense) category! We had a relaxing evening of sketching and reading here yesterday. Please note the “Tardis” masquerading as a British police call box which is positioned against the wall for […]

Valentine Pastry

I had fun painting my breakfast pastry this morning before church (we meet at noon so I have time to dabble). I used water-soluble graphite for the fork–I think it is great for getting a metallic look.