Garry Oak Meadow-Mid-April

Garry Oak Meadow-Mid-April

A friend who knows the oak meadow well, took me to a grove where many checker lilies and fawn lilies grow, alongside several other treasures like prairie star, beautiful bittercress and blue-eyed Mary. The dark checker lilies hid in the dappled shade cast by the bare oak branches until I learned to discern their graceful […]

Fritillaria meleagris, SBA Diploma Portfolio

There is something rather flamboyant about Fritillaria, perhaps it is that the leaves can be alternate, opposite or whorled or sometimes all of the above, like they can’t be constrained by the ordinary rules. Or perhaps it is the outlandish spots on some of them, particularly the F. meleagris. Don’t they know that plants should […]

Botanical Starlets, SBA Diploma Portfolio Prep

photo of Fritillaria meleagris Here is a photo of the line-up of the lovely damsels auditioning for the starring role in my botanical illustration, the third and final painting for my SBA diploma.  As you can see, they are perfect models, graceful, willowy and demure.  Hmmmm…which will I chose? Actually I have already made my […]