Siberian Iris Pods

Siberian Iris Pods

I spent another relaxing morning at Jane’s house sketching and painting with other botanical artists on her deck.  These pods caught my eye as we strolled around her garden looking for possible subjects before we sat down to “work”. I accidentally knocked them over and out fell the little seeds, so I included them in […]

Botanical Mixed Study, SBA Diploma Portfolio

Since I had three months to do my diploma pieces (for the SBA program), I assigned myself one painting per month. The way it worked out was that the mixed study had to be done in January. I never realized until then how paltry the selection of nursery or florist plants is in the middle […]

Practice Iris, SBA Sketchbook

This is a Dutch iris, which is the main flower in my Mixed Study for the SBA diploma.  I painted this as practice so it will go in my sketchbook. I’ve finished the painting but I’ll post it after I get my marks back, so stay tuned! I have just over 2 weeks left to […]