Bald Eagle Sighting

You never know what you are gong to see around the neighborhood! On my walk the other day, I looked up and was mesmerized by the graceful birds circling overhead. Two of them swooped down and landed in a tree about 40 feet away from me. Much to my amazement–they were Bald Eagles! One was […]

Lytle Lake at Rockaway, OR

I sketched this scene of a lake near the beach last weekend. The house we were staying at had huge picture windows, so I got to sit on the couch in comfort while I painted. It almost seemed like cheating!  The willows along the far shore were starting to change color and they glowed when […]

Sea Foam and Waves

Watercolor in Moleskine I had some great chances to sketch Watercolor in Moleskine while we were at the Oregon coast last week.  The first couple of days were pretty chilly so I took advantage of the view from our motel room to try to capture the look of the waves crashing on the rocks.  The […]

Frenchman’s Bar Riverfront Park

After the intensity of the symposium, I retreated to sketch at an out-of-the-way park in Clark County, WA, along a peaceful stretch of the Columbia River.  Huge cargo ships moor in the river and we could see the farmlands of Sauvie Island in the distance. We finally had to scurry off because of the clouds […]

Sketchcrawl on the Esplanade

I met with our local sketchcrawl group on Saturday for an afternoon of sketching along the East Bank Esplanade that runs beside the Willamette River here in Portland.  I got there late but at least I got one sketch done with the group. I always feel inspired by their work. Our group is amazingly talented so […]