My Sketching Kit

My Sketching Kit

My sketching kit is constantly evolving but I’ve hit upon a system recently that works better than anything I’ve tried yet so I wanted to tell you about it. Actually its an adjustment of a system I learned at a Richard Scott Sketching on Location workshop several years ago. For too long, I have had […]

Sketching (part 2)

I think of sketching as a way to ‘keep in shape’ artistically.  After all, drawing is a skill like playing an instrument–the more you do it the better you will be at it. Sketching might be compared to improvisational jazz, whereas botanical art is akin to classical music.  Although they both have a rich history […]

Opera in the Park

We listened to a rehearsal of Pagliacci and Carmina Burana in Director Park downtown. The music was delightful, and I got some people sketching in too.  Although I am much more comfortable sketching backs of heads, I ventured to try some ‘fronts’ this time as well.

From Pencil to Pen

I was greatly helped in my sketching recently when I went to a Sketching On Location Workshop taught by Richard Scott this summer. Previously I had only done pencil sketches but he gave some very simple but effective tips on how to sketch with pen and watercolors. Since then I’ve done all of my sketches […]