Cabbage & SBA Diploma Portfolio & Graduation

I posted about finding this cabbage at the farmer’s market and my preliminary drawing here. I got top marks from the SBA tutors for this painting which is ironic since when I first did it, I thought it was a complete failure and started on another vegetable painting to send in instead.  I quickly realized […]

Botanical Mixed Study, SBA Diploma Portfolio

Since I had three months to do my diploma pieces (for the SBA program), I assigned myself one painting per month. The way it worked out was that the mixed study had to be done in January. I never realized until then how paltry the selection of nursery or florist plants is in the middle […]

Fritillaria meleagris, SBA Diploma Portfolio

There is something rather flamboyant about Fritillaria, perhaps it is that the leaves can be alternate, opposite or whorled or sometimes all of the above, like they can’t be constrained by the ordinary rules. Or perhaps it is the outlandish spots on some of them, particularly the F. meleagris. Don’t they know that plants should […]