Sketching Tiny

Sketching Tiny

Travel is for fun, right? At least my kind of traveling is…so one of my favorite things to do on the road is to make these tiny pencil sketches in my journal. They are not at all demanding to do and give me a quick result before I rush off to the next sight. All […]

A View into Esther Short Park

This is the view from the coffee shop where we sat drinking coffee, reading and sketching on Sunday afternoon. What a luxury to be warm and dry, yet have such a lovely view into the park. This coffee shop has to become a regular! This is done with my Lami Safari pen loaded with Noodler’s […]

St. Johns Bridge

Here’s another attempt at the beautiful St. Johns Bridge. The graceful cathedral-like structure with the misty, dark Douglas Fir-covered hills in the background make me want to sketch this scene every time I drive over the bridge. Of course, the other drivers wouldn’t appreciate it if I stopped right then and there, so I found […]

View from University of Portland

Watercolor and ink in Moleskine I walked over to the the University of Portland the other day to sketch. The school sits on a bluff that overlooks the Willamette River and is easy walking distance from my house. Cranes were unloading ships docked at the industrial area called Swan Island at the base of the […]

Being Part of the Scenery in the North Park Blocks

We sat around the park and sketched together today. A few people have commented here about sketching in public.  Some are comfortable with it and some not so much.  Although I used to be a “closet sketcher” (no I didn’t go so far as to sit in a closet to sketch but I definitely stashed […]