Aladdin Theater

The Aladdin Theater has gone through several big changes through the years, from a vaudeville house in the 20’s to specializing in family movies in the 50’s, then to X-rated movies in the 70’s and 80’s. In 1993 it was renovated and started a new life as a venue for live music, as it continues […]

Lovejoy Bakery

The steady drizzle today couldn’t keep the Portland Urban Sketchers down. We met in a bakery in the Pearl district, then dispersed to sketch, gathering later at a pub for lunch. At least some of us dispersed…the bakery was warm and dry, with free refills on coffee, so why get wet? I spent a cozy […]

Hollywood Theater

This historic theater seems like a very glamorous but faded movie star who has fallen on hard times. I remember going there for the first time to see the futuristic movie, 2001, A Space Odyssey, in 1968.  The interior was every bit as ornate as the exterior and I felt transported into a different world […]

Esther Short Park

Our sketch group met at a coffee shop, then spread out to sketch in and around this park in Vancouver, WA. The clock/bell tower chimes on the hour and makes quite an iconic statement at the entrance. I found the gazebo quite difficult to sketch because of the odd angles, but it is a pretty […]

White Eagle Saloon

White Eagle Saloon, originally uploaded by jswalkky. This old tavern, built in 1905, is in the industrial part of town and has quite a checkered past.  It is two blocks from a huge rail yard, and used to be frequented by very tough characters indeed but is now owned by McMenamins and has been beautifully […]